Automatic mining equipment has been operating stably for two years

The first unmanned mine in China has been operating stably for two years

Mine safety has always been a major concern of the world. Applying 5G technology to mines, developing unmanned mining equipment, and realizing unmanned mines can fundamentally avoid casualties, which has become a reality. At the 13th China Henan International Investment and Trade Fair held recently, Henan Yueshen Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., Luomo Group, and Huawei jointly announced that they have developed the first domestic unmanned mining 5G application technology achievements.

On the same day, a large unmanned mining transporter with 5G technology was displayed at the CIFIT site. The cancellation of the cockpit is automatically controlled by the system, and the battery is used as power … Smart and green innovations have attracted the attention of Chinese and foreign merchants. This unmanned two-way pure electric transporter and intelligent dispatching system developed by Henan Yueshen can realize unmanned operation of drilling, shovel, loading and transportation in the open-pit mining area, which makes the production safety, mining efficiency and resource utilization rate in the mining area. Improved and reduced production costs.

As early as 2017, Henan Yueshen developed unmanned mining equipment and implemented local unmanned operations at the Sandaozhuang Molybdenum Mine of Luomo Group in Luanchuan County. At present, Henan Yueshen and Luomo Molybdenum Group’s first domestic unmanned mine has been operating in the Sandaozhuang mining area for nearly two years. After a long period of performance verification, the system runs stably. On this basis, in March this year, Henan Yueshen and Huawei signed a 5G technology cooperation agreement, applying 5G technology for the first time in the field of unmanned mines. “This has greatly improved the accuracy, stability and working efficiency of unmanned mining operations.” Yang Hui, chief engineer of Henan Yueshen, said that at present, 6 5G communication base stations have been installed in Luanchuan mining area, and some unmanned mining equipment uses 5G. The technology has been successfully commissioned and put into use.

LZZG mining products like sand washer, sand recovery machines, sludge treatment and dewatering screen were exported to Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and other countries.

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