Application of Cyclone in Mineral Processing Industry

hydrocyclone desander

Hydrocyclone is a kind of equipment that uses centrifugal force to separate materials. After research in recent years, it has been widely used in various industries such as mineral processing, coal preparation, and chemistry.

1. Classification in the grinding circulation system: the hydrocyclone can be used for the classification of the coarse sand and overflow of the ball mill, as well as the pre-classification before the grinding operation. The obtained process index is roughly the same as that of the mechanical classifier, and can basically replace the classification machine work.

2. Desliming operation: The hydrocyclone can be used for desliming operations of various metal ore and non-metallic ores, and can achieve the following purposes: as a preparatory operation before the sorting operation, improve the sorting index; Flotation agent; removal of coarse sand in non-metallic ore; final concentrate.

3. Concentration operation: In some processes, because the pulp concentration is too low to meet the design requirements, it is necessary to use a cyclone for concentration treatment.

4. Desanding and impurity removal: In the wet beneficiation process, after the raw ore is processed by the pulping process, there may be quartz sand or impurities in the pulp, so desanding and impurity removal are the prerequisites for the beneficiation process. Due to the different properties of the ore, it is sometimes possible to use cyclones with different specifications in combination to meet the process requirements.

5. Tailings filling and damming: fine sand less than 37 microns in tailings cannot be used as tailings damming materials. Therefore, when using tailings to build a dam, it must be classified by a cyclone, and the coarse grains remain in the dam body Nearby, the fine-grained grade flows to the tail of the tailings pond. At present, the tailings filling scheme generally uses a cyclone for pre-concentration and classification, and then uses a filter for dehydration treatment, which can achieve the best effect.

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