Application fields of trough hydraulic classifier

Trough-shaped hydraulic classifiers include hydraulic classification boxes and KP-4C hydraulic classifiers. It is mainly used for grading operations before gravity selection of the ore dressing shaker to meet the requirements of the shaker’s ore particle size, ore feed volume and concentration.

The hydraulic classification box is a free-settling classification equipment, suitable for processing materials with smaller particle size and higher fine mud content. The suitable classification particle size is 2-0.074mm, and the ore concentration is 18%-25%. When processing materials with high density and coarse particle size, the water consumption is larger than that of the interference sedimentation hydraulic classifier, the discharge pipe is easily blocked, and the classification effect is poor; when the classification particle size is less than 0.074mm, the classification effect is also poor. The advantages of trough hydraulic classifier equipment are simple structure, no need for power and reliable operation. It is widely used in tungsten-tin ore dressing plants.

When selecting a hydraulic classification box, it should be noted that the number of chambers of the classification box (usually 4-8 classification boxes are connected in series in a group) is consistent with the number of material classification levels required by the process, and the number of mineral processing shakers selected should be taken into account.

The KP-4C classifier is an interference sedimentation hydraulic classifier with large processing capacity, low water consumption, high product concentration and high classification efficiency. The processing capacity is related to the ore particle size: the ore particle size 1.4-0mm is 20t/h; the ore particle size 0.3-0mm is 10t/h.

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