The purpose of the conical hydraulic classifier (slurry bucket)

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The mud separator is widely used in tungsten-tin ore dressing plants. Its main functions are: desliming the materials before classification to improve classification efficiency; concentrating and dehydrating the materials before regrinding to increase the ore concentration of the ball mill; Dehydration and storage are carried out before mud separation to control the concentration and amount of ore. The upper limit of particle size for ore feeding is generally 2mm.

The sludge separating bucket is divided into two types: ore type and sludge type according to its different separation particle size. The ore type is used to separate materials with a particle size above 0.15mm; the sludge type is used to separate materials with a particle size below 0.15mm. The mud dividing bucket equipment has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture and does not consume power. However, the classification efficiency is low, the configuration height difference is large, and the processing capacity is small.

The YF type cone hydraulic classifier has a rotating impeller attached to the vertical shaft in the cone and is driven by an electric motor. It is easy to operate and can control the overflow particle size to improve the classification effect.

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