2M tons EPC sand and gravel production line successfully tested


Recently, the 300-ton-per-hour sand washing sewage treatment project built by Longzhong Heavy Industry and Hunan Haiyu New Material Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation. After more than 50 days of day and night construction, two pebble crushing sand making and sand washing sewage treatment production lines were established. With a steel frame shed covering an area of more than 12,000 square meters, the company now has a production workshop, a finished product workshop, an independent office area, and staff dormitories. The total area is about 26.8 acres, and the daily output is more than 5,000 tons. Construction provides building materials.

After a comprehensive inspection of many sandstone production equipment manufacturers, the project company decided to choose the EPC method for project construction in consideration of the integrity of the project system. The selected equipment has obvious characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving. There are many general contracting cases and rich construction experience. Longzhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. conducts EPC general contracting cooperation.

The sand washing equipment of the same sand and gravel production line adopts Longzhong Machinery’s product – wheel bucket sand washing machine. This equipment has the characteristics of energy saving and can control the content of stone powder in production. The finished sand has a reasonable gradation and a round grain shape. In the sand washing production line, sand making machines, electromagnetic separators, integrated sand washing and recovery machines, box filter presses and other equipment are integrated. The entire sand and gravel discharge system meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, and realizes green production in the true sense.

Material type: cobblestone raw material mud content ≤ 5%

Hourly output: 260-300 tons/hour

Finished sand mud content: ≤1%

Fine sand recovery rate: +200 mesh, 95%

Moisture content of mud cake: ≤30%

Water reuse rate: 85%

Project Features

1. Adopt water washing sand link + sewage treatment process, the finished material is of excellent quality, meeting the standards such as “Sand for Construction” and “Aggregate for High Performance Concrete”;

2. Production in a closed factory building, dust emission is less than 10mg/m3, good environmental protection performance, and the back-end is equipped with a professional sewage treatment system to achieve zero emission;

The finished products of the project will be used for high-speed rail construction and surrounding building materials, which will effectively promote the local economic development. In the future, Longzhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will also continue to use its practical experience in sand and gravel aggregate, oil fracturing sand, waste incineration slag treatment, silica sand and other industries for many years, as well as EPC one-stop general contracting services, and sincerely cooperate with customers to jointly promote The high-quality, healthy and sustainable development of the sand and gravel industry.

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