2023 Indonesia International Mining Construction Machinery and Construction Technology Equipment Exhibition

(1) Exhibition name: Indonesia International Mining, Construction Machinery and Construction Technology Equipment
(2) Exhibition date: September 13-16, 2023
(3) Venue: Jakarta International Exhibition Center, Indonesia
(4) Organizer: Maysia Stephanie

Exhibitor scope:
1. Mining machinery, engineering machinery and their accessories: mining machinery, rock drilling machinery, drilling equipment
equipment, shoveling equipment, lifting equipment, excavating machinery, loading and transporting machinery, mineral processing and prospecting
equipment, ore crushing and grinding machinery, pile machinery, construction machinery, conveying equipment, dryers,
King Kong tools, pneumatic tools, measuring equipment and tools, tires, tractors, hydraulic components,
Compressors, valves, pumps, gears, filters and accessories, bearings, seals, sealants,
Supply of lubricating oil and lubricating equipment, mining technology, blasting services, steel, aluminum and other materials;

2. Mining vehicles, mining vehicle remote control system, mining vehicle information data system,
Electronic protection system for mining vehicles, special lighting for mining vehicles, accessories for special vehicles and heavy equipment
pieces, etc.;

3. Construction equipment, construction machinery, construction vehicles, construction hardware, construction materials, concrete
Soil and mortar treatment, lifting equipment and conveyor belts, trucks and special vehicles, generator sets, construction
Transportation of building materials, components and service providers, doors and windows, formwork and brackets, tools and equipment,
Work construction safety ports and airports, roads, bridges, railways, roofs, etc.

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