Vietnam imports desulfurized gypsum to meet building materials demand

On April 17, a train loaded with desulfurized gypsum slowly pulled out from Bijie East Station and was transported to Fangchenggang Station in Guangxi to realize the export of bulk solid waste. This train is Guizhou’s first complete desulfurization gypsum foreign trade train. The desulfurization gypsum loaded on the train will be transported by sea and arrive at the Jinpu Terminal in Vietnam 15 days later. It has expanded the previous domestic transportation mode to international, broadened the sales radius of desulfurization gypsum, and helped “Turning waste into treasure”.

It is reported that solid waste generated by thermal power generation is usually used as raw materials for building materials for dynamic consumption. In recent years, with the continuous growth of thermal power generation in our province, the amount of solid waste has also increased accordingly. The most representative ones are ash and desulfurization. Gypsum, at the same time, the construction and other industries are under great downward pressure, resulting in reduced demand for solid waste, and the province and surrounding provinces and cities cannot absorb and utilize all of it. The operation of this train will effectively alleviate the pressure of solid waste treatment in power plants, while meeting the demand for building materials in the Southeast Asian market and further increasing the added value of the industry.

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