Solutions of filter press break downs

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Overview of the automatic filter press

The automatic filter press detects the oil pressure of the hydraulic system of the current pull plate through a pressure transmitter. Converts the perceived pressure signal into an analog quantity that can be recognized by the PLC, thereby realizing the advancement and retreat of the control pull plate. The photoelectric switch is set to enable the pull plate system to realize immediate suspension/recovery during the pulling process or the whole system running process so that the operation process is more humanized.

LZZG filter press manufacturers specialize in the production of diaphragm filter press, plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press and belt filter press. Good quality, and engaged in the research, design, and manufacture of chemical machinery. With a variety of sophisticated machining and cold processing equipment, as well as filter press solid-liquid separation equipment.

filter press exported to South Afcica

Analysis of the causes of break downs of plate and frame filter press

    1. The left and right pullers of the filter cloth are not synchronized, and the action is slow (the filter press operating environment is poor. In actual operation, the puller is easily corroded by the calcium carbide mud, causing the motion speed to slow down and not synchronized; The puller is cleaned and lubricated).
    2. The relief valve pressure is too large (requires regular inspection during operation every day).
    3. The opening degree of the pressure plate does not meet the standard requirements (60 to 65 cm).
    4. The tension of the chain pullers on both sides is different (corrected).
    5. The design, structure and strength of the drive shaft cannot meet the existing technical requirements.
    6. The drive shaft bearing lubrication is not in place (regular lubrication).
    7. The operation is not standardized, but the skills are not closed (enhanced management).

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