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Rotating cylindrical sieve for sorting garbage

Our trommel screens use a rotating screen to achieve material size separation, ideal for building and demolition waste, municipal solid waste, green waste and waste into energy front-end separation systems.

Why use a cylindrical sieve machine to sort garbage

In order to solve the garbage problem, many solutions have been proposed internationally, such as landfill after sorting, fertilizer production, biogas power generation, pyrolysis and oil production, and biochemical treatment. Effective classification helps to improve the efficiency of waste disposal.

Choosing a suitable screening and sorting equipment can have a good effect on the recycling and recycling of garbage. The trommel screen is widely used in sorting garbage or urban waste. The distribution of domestic garbage is extremely uneven, and the types of garbage are various. When the vibration frequency is high, the deposition rate decreases, but there is still siltation. When the vibration frequency is high and the deposition rate is low.

Since the vibrating screen does not have the effect of tumbling domestic garbage, large materials in the domestic garbage are wrapped in small materials. , resulting in reduced sorting efficiency of the vibrating screen. From the actual use of various sieve machines, the drum screen is the best choice. The sieve hole can be selected according to the specific content of the sorted domestic garbage, a strip mesh hole, a circular sieve hole and the like.

Use rotating cylindrical sieve to sort garbage

Rotating cylindrical sieve machine discharge port requirements:

The advantage of the drum sanding machine is that the discharging is fast and the precision is high. However, the design of the discharging port is also very important, and the material blocking phenomenon often occurs. It is suggested that the angle should be perpendicular to the ground and the caliber should be larger to facilitate the smooth material export.

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