Kaolin common wet beneficiation process and equipment

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The wet process of kaolin beneficiation includes several stages such as slurry dispersion, classification, impurity separation and product treatment. The general process is: raw ore → crushing → pounding → sand removal → cyclone classification → peeling → centrifuge classification → magnetic separation (or bleaching) → concentration → filter press → drying → packaging.

Coal-based (hard) kaolin is a unique kaolin resource in China. At present, the production process basically adopts superfine and then calcined or first calcined and then superfine processing technology.

The process of superfine first and then calcined is generally as follows:

Raw ore→crushing→crushing→pounding→wet ultra-fine grinding or peeling→drying→calcining→depolymerization→grading→packing. Calcination first and then superfine process is generally: raw ore→crushing→crushing→calcination→wet superfine→drying→packaging.

kaolin washing process

Taking China Kaolin Company as an example, the production process of kaolin is divided into two parts: mining and beneficiation.

Mining process flow:
Rock drilling at the mining face → blasting → loading and unloading transportation → lifting → ground transportation → hand selection → kaolinite raw ore.

Mineral processing process:

kaolin raw ore→crushing→pulping→cyclone classification→concentration→press filtration→natural drying→block kaolin, if you want to produce low water content, high-grade powdered kaolin, you need to go through grinding and drying process process.

The comprehensive energy consumption per ton of block kaolin finished product is about 0.064t standard coal/ton product, the power consumption is about 65.64 kWh/ton product, the water consumption is about 7.5t/ton product, the pit wood consumption is about 0.8M3/hundred tons of product, and the emission Waste water and beneficiation waste residue are about 0.56t/ton product.

kaolin washing and screening plant

kaolin washing and screening plant

The processing equipment for kaolin includes: crushing equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, and grinding equipment
Equipment, etc.

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