Guangdong Shantou kaolin sand making EPC project overview

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The customer belongs to a local concrete company in Shantou City. With the price of sand and gravel aggregates on the market rising, the customer wants to save part of the cost and plans to build a sand and gravel plant by itself. It can meet the needs of its own use and sell some sand and gravel of common specifications. He uses. The processing raw material of the sand and gravel plant is kaolin (Guangdong is rich in local kaolin mineral resources). After understanding the customer’s needs, our company conducted on-site measurement and provided a detailed process plan. The customer was very satisfied.

Processing material: kaolin

Production  capacity: 400T/H

Discharge granularity: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-16.5mm, 20-31.5mm

1. Raw materials are transported to the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for initial crushing, and then enter the transfer bin;

2. The final material is transported to the full hydraulic cone crusher (2 sets) for secondary crushing, and then the crushed material is screened by a circular vibrating screen, and three kinds of finished products of 5-10mm, 10-16.5mm, and 20-31.5mm are separated. Stone specifications;

3. The remaining materials are taken to the sand making machine for three-stage fine crushing, and then the sand washing machine is used to upgrade and remove impurities, and then transported to the sand finished product warehouse for storage.

4. Use the double-wheel sand washing and recycling integrated machine to realize the recovery of coarse and fine sand in the machine-made sand.

5. Use the trihydrogen purification body to realize the tail water purification and mud-water separation after the above-mentioned thickness and sand recovery operations.

6. Use the chamber filter press to further separate the thickened sludge from the trihydrogen purification body from water, and press the sludge into mud cakes to realize dry stacking.

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