Equipment required for sorting domestic waste incineration slag

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Equipment in all aspects of domestic waste incineration slag treatment: iron remover, silo, crushing equipment, magnetic separation equipment, gravity equipment, gravity separation equipment, screening equipment, slag finished product collection tank, sedimentation tank, etc.

Utilize the potential energy of gravity, use water as the medium and circulating flow, and set the equipment vertically from high to low; inject water and waste incineration slag into the crusher to form a material flow. Under the action of the gravity flow of the material, it passes through the crusher equipment, gravity equipment, and screening Equipment to obtain slag materials with fine particles, light weight and optimized components.

After filtering through the collection tank and sedimentation tank, the dried fine-grained slag products are directly transported to the finished product warehouse; the clean water after sedimentation and filtration is again incinerated with garbage. The slag raw materials are mixed and recycled. The invention is not only beneficial to exerting the gravitational potential energy during the material processing process and reducing the frictional heat energy of the material and equipment; it also reduces dust and mist pollution during the processing process and protects the environment.

Domestic waste incineration slag crushing, sorting and reuse process:

(1) Transport the incineration slag from the storage area to the third-level conveyor belt through a loader;

(2) The iron remover installed on the conveyor belt is primarily used to remove iron blocks or small and medium-sized iron-containing impurities in the slag.

(3) The three-level conveyor belt transports the waste incineration slag materials to a high hopper;

(4) Inject water to form a material flow of waste incineration slag in the hopper; the material flows vertically downward through the pipeline into the crushing equipment;

(5) The crushing equipment crushes the slag, and the crushed slag material flows downward through the open pipe through the metal recycling equipment;

(6) After the metal particles in the slag material are separated, the remaining slag material flow enters the gravity equipment cavity through the inclined pipe;

(7) According to the principle of gravity stratification, light and fine-grained slag is located on the upper layer of the jig, and heavy metals and large particles are discharged from the jig outlet;

(8) The light and fine-grained slag material flow located on the upper layer of the gravity equipment passes through the inclined pipe and flows into the rolling screen to screen out a small amount of large-grained slag that cannot be used; the screened light and fine-grained slag material enters the slag storage pool , transported to the finished slag draining area by a loader;

(9) The finished slag solids in the finished slag draining area are formed into slag fine aggregate through terminal screening equipment and transported to the finished slag storage for use as raw materials for the production of concrete porous bricks;

(10) The solid-liquid mixed flow in the finished slag draining area flows through the collection tank, sedimentation tank and reservoir step by step through the drainage system at the bottom; the fine sediment particles collected in the collection tank are returned to the finished slag draining area. Domestic waste incineration power plant slag treatment slag sorting equipment

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