100th cobblestone powder washing plant equipment cost

Recently, Longzhong Heavy Industry customers ordered a set of 100t/h pebbles stone washing powder production line equipment. The company’s technical research and service department designed the stone powder production line for customers, and adopted strong dust and noise reduction measures to achieve high standards of environmental protection. The entire production line There are few dust, noise and other pollution on the site, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

pebble stone washing plants

Customer requirements:
1, raw materials: pebbles
2. Venue: moderately located, flat, and adequate water resources
3, demand: environmental compliance, water recycling, energy efficient, simple operation.

cobblestone powder washing plant design

The design of the entire production line is reasonable, according to the user’s site conditions, production requirements and other reasonable design, and equipped with a full range of affordable production line equipment to meet high standards of user demand. What is the price of the stone washing production line equipment? The production line price will be much more favorable than the single machine purchase, because we have a series of one machine, one machine can have two functions, saving customers a lot of expenses. The specific price is not limited to tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands, because the production line is composed of multiple equipment, and the sand washing and recycling machine is mainly used, and also equipped with sand washing, so the entire production line is matched. While customers are in need of Fuling, they can also meet environmental protection requirements. The specific price of the stone washing powder production line, according to your material and production requirements, for you to develop a production line plan selection.

stone powder screening machine

The sandstone and crushed stone produced by the production line are very beautiful and beautiful, and they are relatively clean and reasonable. Our downstream users are particularly satisfied, and the orders are constantly flowing. The profit value of the year is not what we have thought of. In preparation for expansion of production, environmental protection requirements, this time the factory wants to repurchase two more environmentally friendly zero-emission production lines.