What equipment is needed for the beneficiation of tin ore

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The tin content in tin ore is extremely low. In order to extract tin from the tin ore with extremely low content, it is necessary to adopt efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly beneficiation technology and supporting beneficiation equipment. In fact, the beneficiation of tin ore is very similar to that of gold ore. The rough selection process is carried out by gravity selection, and the fine selection is carried out by gravity selection, flotation and other methods as needed.

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In general, the beneficiation of tin ore must first be screened to screen out large pieces of waste rock to improve the efficiency of the subsequent beneficiation process. If the mud content is high, washing is required. Therefore, the screening process usually uses a multi-purpose drum washing machine, which has both the functions of washing and screening. It is very common in the field of tin ore and gold ore washing.

After washing and screening, the ore sand can enter the gravity separation process for rough separation. The gravity separation process usually uses a jig as the core gravity separation equipment. The jig for sand tin ore selection has multiple advantages such as high ore separation efficiency, good ore separation effect, high recovery rate, and low production cost. It is also the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly gravity separation equipment. The jig plays an irreplaceable role in the beneficiation of sand tin ore.

Due to different types of tin ore, some tin ore still needs to be further purified after rough separation. This requires the use of shaking table gravity separation or flotation methods for further purification according to the actual situation and ore characteristics.

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