The working principle of chamber filter press

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The structure and working principle of the chamber filter press are similar to those of the plate and frame filter press. The difference is that the filter plates are recessed on both sides, and each two filter plates are combined into a single chamber filter chamber, eliminating the filter frame, and the filter plate center has a The round hole suspension thus flows into each of the filter chambers. This filter is suitable for suspensions that require filtration at higher pressures without the need for washing of the filter residue.

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Chamber filter press workflow

Under the pressure of the feed pump, the liquid to be filtered is sent to each filter chamber, and the solid and liquid are separated by a filter medium (selecting a suitable filter cloth according to different industries). The filter residue is formed on the filter cloth until the filter chamber is filled to form a filter cake. The filtrate passes through the filter cloth and flows along the filter plate groove to the lower liquid outlet channel to be discharged. After the filtration is completed, the filter residue can be washed by washing water.

After washing, compressed air is sometimes introduced to remove the remaining washing liquid. After the filtration, the filter press is opened to remove the filter cake (the filter cake is stored between two adjacent filter plates), the filter cloth is cleaned, and the plate is re-pressed to start the next working cycle.

Safe operation of the filter press

1. Use the filter cloth correctly. At the end of each work, the filter cloth must be cleaned so that no residue remains on the surface of the cloth. The filter cloth is hardened to soften, and if it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
2. Pay attention to protect the sealing surface of the filter plate, do not collide, stand upright when placed, can reduce deformation.
3. The fuel tank is usually cleaned once every six months, and the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is replaced. When the liquid level is lower than the lower limit, the oil should be replenished.
4. The temperature of the liquid to be filtered should be ≤100 °C. The mixture should not be mixed with debris and hard materials to block the feed port to avoid damage to the filter cloth.
5. Valves such as feed liquid and washing water must be opened and closed according to the operating procedure. The feed liquid and washing water must not enter at the same time. After the end of the work, the remaining liquid in the road should be placed as much as possible.
6. Keep the machine clean and keep the workplace clean and the road open. Do not step on the pipes and valves to avoid bending and making an excuse for dripping.


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