What purity of quartz sand is needed for silicon carbide plants?

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Silicon carbide production requires the use of quartz sand with a purity higher than 99.5%. LZZG quartz sand purification equipment can meet this standard.

Quartz sand purity standards

The quality of quartz sand is mainly composed of purity and particle size. In order to ensure the production quality of silicon carbide, the quartz sand used must meet the following purity standards:
1. The purity requirement is higher than 99.5%, and the metal ion content is ensured to be lower than 10mg/kg.
2. The particle size distribution is uniform and specific requirements must be met in order to prepare pyrolytic silicon carbide single crystals with corresponding properties and provide a uniform thermal field and a homogeneous material surface.
High-purity quartz sand is very important for silicon carbide production, helping to reduce impurities and defects in the production process and improve product yield and quality.

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The role of quartz sand in silicon carbide production

Silicon carbide is a thermally strong material with good fire resistance, chemical stability and high temperature strength. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, electrical appliances and other fields.
Quartz sand is a sand-like substance made of pure silica with high purity, high hardness, high wear resistance and good thermal stability. In the production process of silicon carbide, quartz sand, as the substrate and initial material of silicon carbide furnace, plays a very important role in producing high-purity, high-quality silicon carbide products. Therefore, the use of high-quality quartz sand is an indispensable link in silicon carbide production.

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