Quartz sand 99.9% purification process

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With the extensive use of quartz resources, high-quality crystal and vein quartz are decreasing day by day, and low-grade quartz resources are receiving more and more attention. LZZG has developed natural quartz sand and quartz sandstone purification processes for customers.
High-purity quartz sand refers to quartz sand with a silica content higher than 99.9% (3N). Low-end, mid-range and high-end products are distinguished by silica content of 99.9%, 99.99% and 99.998%.

Quartz sand purification and dry classification process

Quartz sand dry purification process flow chart

Natural quartz sand enters the collecting box after being washed with water, and is classified into different specifications by a spiral chute and a magnetic separator. After purification, it is classified into different specifications by a vibrating screen or hydraulic classification machine.

Quartz sand purification and wet classification process

Quartz sand wet purification process flow chart

The main raw materials for high-purity quartz sand are quartz ore, natural crystal, and silicon tetrachloride. High-purity quartz sand can be used in photovoltaic, electric light sources, optical communications, semiconductor and other industries by preparing intermediate products such as quartz crucibles and quartz sleeves. , is an important new material.

Quartz materials for semiconductors have the highest quality requirements, with purity requirements above 5N (>99.999%), followed by photovoltaics and optical communications, with quality requirements above 4N7 (>99.997%), and light source fields with quality requirements >99.99%.

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