mm μm and mesh number comparison table

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Mesh refers to the number of screen holes per square inch. For example, a 50-mesh screen means 50×50 holes per square inch, while a 500-mesh screen has 500×500 holes, so the higher the mesh number, the smaller the pore size and the greater the number of holes. The mesh number is also used to measure the particle size that can pass through the screen. The higher the mesh number, the smaller the particle size.

Mesh number Micrometer mm Mesh number Micrometer mm
2 mesh 8000μm 8mm 100 mesh 150μm 0.15mm
3 mesh 6700μm 6.7mm 115 mesh 125μm 0.125mm
4 mesh 4750μm 4.75mm 120 mesh 120μm 0.120mm
5 mesh 4000μm 4mm 125 mesh 115μm 0.115mm
6 mesh 3350μm 3.35mm 130 mesh 113μm 0.113mm
7 mesh 2800μm 2.8mm 140 mesh 109μm 0.109mm
8 mesh 2360μm 2.36mm 150 mesh 106μm 0.106mm
10 mesh 1700μm 1.7mm 160 mesh 96μm 0.096mm
12 mesh 1400μm 1.4mm 170 mesh 90μm 0.090mm
14 mesh 1180μm 1.18mm 175 mesh 86μm 0.086mm
16 mesh 1000μm 1mm 180 mesh 80μm 0.080mm
18 mesh 880μm 0.88mm 200 mesh 74μm 0.074mm
20 mesh 830μm 0.83mm 230 mesh 62μm 0.062mm
24 mesh 700μm 0.7mm 240 mesh 61μm 0.061mm
28 mesh 600μm 0.6mm 250 mesh 58μm 0.058mm
30 mesh 550μm 0.55mm 270 mesh 53μm 0.053mm
32 mesh 500μm 0.5mm 300 mesh 48μm 0.048mm
35 mesh 425μm 0.425mm 325 mesh 45μm 0.045mm
40 mesh 380μm 0.38mm 400 mesh 38μm 0.038mm
42 mesh 355μm 0.355mm 500 mesh 25μm 0.025mm
45 mesh 325μm 0.325mm 600 mesh 23μm 0.023mm
48 mesh 300μm 0.3mm 800 mesh 18μm 0.018mm
50 mesh 270μm 0.27mm 1000 mesh 13μm 0.013mm
60 mesh 250μm 0.25mm 1340 mesh 10μm 0.01mm
65 mesh 230μm 0.23mm 2000 mesh 6.5μm 0.0065mm
70 mesh 212μm 0.212mm 5000 mesh 2.6μm 0.0026mm
80 mesh 180μm 0.18mm 8000 mesh 1.6μm 0.0016mm
90 mesh 160μm 0.16mm 1000 mesh 1.3μm 0.0013mm

Since wires of different thicknesses are used when weaving screens, there are differences in opening rates, so different countries adopt different standards. The United States, Britain and Japan have their own standards. The American and British standards are similar, but the Japanese standards are quite different. In China, we use the American standard, so we can use the formula mentioned earlier to calculate it.

cyclone powder separator

The mesh number corresponding to 0.074mm is 200 mesh. LZZG fine particle classification equipment includes hydro-cyclones and hydraulic classifier.

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