How to deal with hydrocyclone wear

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Issues that should be paid attention to when using hydrocyclone

1. The feed pressure of the hydraulic rotator should remain stable. In addition to taking measures to eliminate fluctuations in the liquid level of the feed pressure pool or pump pool, in actual operation, the number of hydraulic spinners can be adjusted according to changes in screw volume and pressure to stabilize the feed pressure of the hydraulic spinner.

2. Carefully grasp the wear pattern and service life of the hydraulic rotator, and record the operating time, worn parts and degree of wear to replace vulnerable parts to ensure that the hydraulic rotator is always in good working condition.

3. The feed amount is insufficient, the pointer of the pressure gauge swings greatly, and the sand settling is larger and smaller. The number of starting hydrocyclones should be reduced in time.

Cyclone installation

1. For pumping hydraulic rotators, in order to ensure the feed pressure, the pump should be as close as possible to the hydraulic rotator, the position of the hydraulic rotator should be as low as possible, the pipeline should be short and straight, and there should be few elbows.

2. When assembling the hydrocyclone, the geometric centerline of each component must be correctly installed.

3. When installing the overflow pipe (overflow pipe), it should generally be larger than the inner overflow pipe to reduce the overflow discharge resistance. The end of the conduit should be higher than the depth of insertion into the inner overflow pipe to avoid siphoning.

4. Switches and diaphragm pressure gauges should be installed at the inlet of each large-diameter hydrocyclone or each group of small-diameter hydrocyclones.

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