Good maintenance of the circular vibrating screen improves the service life

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There are many kinds of vibrating screens. The vibrating screen is divided into two categories: circular vibrating screen (referred to as a circular vibrating screen) and linear vibrating screen (referred to as a linear vibrating screen) according to the characteristics of the moving track when the screen surface is working. The circular vibrating screen is a new type of vibrating screen that performs circular vibration, multi-layer number, and high efficiency. Circular vibrating screens and linear vibrating screens are screening equipment that is very common in everyday production. The sieve on the circular vibrating screen moves in a circular path, and the movement of the sieve on the linear sieve is linear.

Circular vibrating screen maintenance knowledge summary

Before the operation, the operator should check the tension of the V-belt, the oil level in the vibrator, check the tension of the screen surface, the bolting condition of each part and the damage of the screen surface.

The circular vibrating screen is started, and the shutdown should follow the sequence of the processing system.

In addition to the special requirements, the vibrating screen is strictly prohibited to continue feeding to the sieve after stopping the material.

When the vibrating screen is running, the vibrator and the screen box are checked visually and audibly. After the vibrating screen is stopped, apply the hand to touch the bearing cover and check the bearing temperature rise.

When the vibrating screen is handed over, the technical status of the on-duty sieve and the faults found shall be recorded in the duty record. The vibration filter record should indicate the damage type of the component and the date of the vibration and oil change.

The vibrating screen is high-speed moving equipment. When the vibrating screen is running, the patrol personnel must maintain a certain safe distance.

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