Cyclone dewatering screen for coal, mining processing

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The hydrocyclone dewatering screen is special equipment for coal slime dewatering operations. Widely used in coal slime recovery, filter press, coarse filter, filter coarse, and other fine materials dehydration and recovery process conditions. In addition to the various excellent properties and functions of ordinary dewatering screens, dewatering screens often cooperate with thickeners for dry tailings discharge. It is the best dewatering screen and tailings dry discharge equipment at the moment.

dewatering screen in sand washing plant

Correct operation of dewatering screen

1. The vibration motor should be reliably and firmly installed on the vibration equipment;
2. After the motor is installed in place, the cable should not touch or rub against the vibrating body. It should be in a natural suspended state, and at the same time, it should have a bending radius that is 5-6 times larger than the outer diameter of the cable, and then fix the cable to a standstill. The distance between the machine or the frame is about 500~1000mm, and the clamp of the fixed cable should be padded with soft insulating material.
3. Adjust the excitation force according to the following requirements (1) Remove the protective covers at both ends, and loosen the compression bolts of the adjustable eccentric block at both ends. (2) Rotate the eccentric blocks on both sides in the same direction so that the required excitation force scale line is aligned with the reference line of the shaft end; (3) Tighten the eccentric block compression bolts, and then install the protective cover.
4. The vibration motor can run after connecting to the power supply, and observe whether the steering meets the requirements, otherwise, change the steering by changing the power phase sequence;
5. If the vibration motor has abnormal phenomena during operation, such as abnormal noise, speed failure, abnormal heating, etc., it should be stopped immediately for inspection;
6. The initial operation of the vibration motor within 100 hours of cumulative operation. During this period, the foot bolts should be tightened once per shift.


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