Fine slime recovery equipment with high capacity

LZ series fine sand recycling machine is a new type of sand washing equipment developed by our company in combination with the actual needs of the sand quarry, mineral processing plant, and other washing industries. It is widely used in mud purification and slime recovery. The recovery of fine-grained materials such as artificial sand, gravel aggregates, glass and ceramic raw materials, etc., greatly reduces losses, improves economic benefits, and makes the equipment more environmentally friendly.

Fine slime recovery equipment-2

Structure and composition

The structure of LZ series fine sand recovery device is composed of mud sand separator, dewatering vibrating screen, cleaning box, return box, ballast slurry pump, motor, etc.

working principle

The working process of the LZ series fine sand recovery machine: the slurry pump conveys the sand-water mixture at high pressure to the mud sand separator. The fine-grained material concentrated by high-pressure centrifugal classification is transferred to the dewatering screen through the grit nozzle. Sand and water are effectively separated, and fine sand is discharged into the belt by high-frequency dewatering screen. Sewage, mud, and other debris are discharged into the sedimentation tank through the buffer return box.

Fine slime recovery plant



Pump Cyclone



Dewatering screen Capacity






Material Model


Material Power


LZ250 11 Cr26 250 TS0918 Polyurethane(PU) 2×0.75 40-60 1460
LZ300 15 Cr26 300 TS0918 PU 2×0.75 60-80 1510
LZ350 18.5 Cr26 350 TS0918 PU 2×0.75 80-100 1700
LZ550 22 Cr26 550 TS1224 PU 2×2.2 100-120 2170
LZ650 30 Cr26 650 TS1224 PU 2×2.2 120-160 2500
LZ750 37 Cr26 750 TS1224 PU 2×2.2 160-180 2850
LZ900 45 Cr26 900 TS1530 PU 2×3.0 180-240 4500

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