Chrome ore washing process and equipment

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Gold, platinum, chromium ore, tungsten, tin, and other sand ores, as well as lead, copper, iron, manganese, and other ores with deep oxidation and weathering, washing ore is often a necessary preparation before crushing or beneficiation. Ore washing is the process of scrubbing the ore cemented or rich in the mud with hydraulic or mechanical force to break up the ore and wash off the fine mud on the surface of the ore and separate it.

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Ore washing equipment

Commonly used chrome ore washing equipment include hydraulic ore washing sieve, cylindrical ore washing machine, trough ore washing machine, plane sieving machine and spiral classifier. Chute can also be used to wash ore. The hydraulic ore washing sieve is a method of washing ore using a water gun to wash on a fixed bar sieve. It is used to wash ore that is difficult to wash in China. The cylindrical ore washing machine includes a cylindrical screen and a cylindrical scrubbing machine. The former has a higher rotation speed, and the inner wall of the screen cylinder is provided with a longitudinal lifting plate, an annular baffle and a high-pressure water spraying device, so as to improve the crushing capacity, and is used for easy washing of ore. The latter barrel is divided into two sections, the front section has no holes, used for soaking and crushing ore, and the back section has holes for debris separation.

screw ore washer

Washing process

The chrome ore washing process, chrome ore washing equipment and ore washing operation parameters, such as ore washing intensity and ore washing efficiency, shall be determined according to the ore washability and operation requirements. The washing process can be divided into a process consisting of ordinary screening equipment and a process consisting of special washing equipment, and sometimes a combined process consisting of screening and washing equipment. The former is usually combined with the crushing and sieving process of the crushing workshop of the concentrator. The sieving equipment in the crushing process is also the ore washing equipment, and no special equipment is needed. This process requires less investment and is easy to operate. It is suitable for processing easy-to-wash ores with low mud content and low clay plasticity.

For ores with much mud, high clay plasticity, and more cohesive agglomeration, a process consisting of special ore washing equipment is required, and two or even three ore washings are required to basically separate the clay from the ore sand. Easy-to-wash ores generally use various sieves and mechanical classifiers; medium washable ores and refractory ores require special washing machinery. Such as ore washing screen, cylindrical ore washing machine, trough ore washing machine, combined ore washing machine and tower ore washing machine and other ore washing equipment.

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