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The water requirement of sand washer in 1 hour

The sand washer is a kind of beneficiation equipment which is complicated and simple in the continuous development, and is mainly used for manufacturing the sand required for the industry, and plays a cleaning role. The sand making equipment can crush the natural large boulders into the required fineness, and the processed materials can be used as raw materials in industrial construction, and then washed with a sand washing machine. As the demand for the market grows, natural sandstones are no longer able to meet the needs of the market. Concrete is used in a wide range of applications and can be seen in construction, paving and other industries. The production of natural sand cannot meet the needs of the industry, and the emergence of sand making machines and sand washing machines has largely met the needs of industrial development.

The benefits of reducing sand washer water requirement

A high-efficiency sand washing machine has low power consumption, low water consumption. Reducing the consumption of water resources can save production costs and generate huge economic benefits. LZZG has long-term research and development, testing and sand washing. The equipment has the advantages of water-saving, power saving, etc. Let us analyze the amount of water used per hour by the sand washing machine.

Water resources are indispensable in the sand washing process of the sand washing machine. The water washing sand equipment is diluted with fresh water to take away impurities such as dirt contained in the sand. The sand washer should use water to wash away the mud or dust in the sand. The more mud contained in the sand, the greater the water consumption of the sand washing machine. So how much water does the sand washing machine need for an hour? How many tons of water does the sand washing machine consume in washing a ton of sand? Become a concern of sand and stone manufacturers. Based on years of experience and user usage, Longzhong Heavy Industry has compiled the water consumption per hour of each model of the wheel washing machine and the spiral sand washing machine.

new type bucket wheel sand washer

1-hour water consumption of the new wheel washing machine:

Model Water Consumption  T/H
XSD2610  10-80
XSD3620  40-300
XSD3016  XSD3016
XSD3016  XSD3016


lzzg sand washing machine

1-hour water consumption of the new sand washing machine

Model Water Consumption  T/H
 LZ26-35  50-80
 LZ26-35  60-130
 LZ26-35  70-150
 LZ26-35  150-200

Method for reducing water consumption of sand washing machine

Water resources are non-renewable, and only recycling can be the right development path. Otherwise, you will see the scene of the cross-flow of sewage from the sand washing machine. This is not only a waste of water resources, but also causes the sand washing site to be dirty, chaotic and poor, and the work environment is neat and tidy.

Washing sand tail water recycling

The Longzhong Heavy Industry Sand Washer is specially designed for sedimentation in fine sand production. In this way, it is possible to utilize the recirculated use of the used water after the precipitation, which is not only energy-saving but also environmentally friendly. The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly sand washing machine makes users no longer troubled with washing stone powder sand. Because the content of stone silt is very large, the pollution of air and soil is very serious. The sedimentation tank provided in the production of sand washing not only achieves the function of purifying air, but also reduces the pollution to the environment.