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Tailings recovery device can effectively reduce the content of effective ingredients in tailings, solve the pollution of tailings to the environment, and meet the emission standards required by environmental protection. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, water conservancy, hydropower, sand, and gravel plants, and glass plants, coal preparation plants, recovery of coarse coal and environmental protection projects, shield machines (mud purification) and other projects.

Tailings Recovery Device Working Principle

Screening: the material is conveyed to the circular vibrating screen or drum screen by the belt conveyor, and several materials of different sizes are screened out.

Cleaning and dewatering: The under-sieve that meets the specifications enters the cleaning water tank of the integrated sand washing and recycling machine, the sand washing wheel rotates, and the material in the cleaning tank is stirred for cleaning operation to remove impurities covering the surface of the material. After cleaning, it is coarse The granular material is sent to the dewatering screen for dewatering by the dredging wheel.

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Fine material recovery: The overflow of the integrated machine enters the tail water collection tank through the pipeline, and the tail water is pumped into the separator by the slurry pump, and the sediment is separated by the separator. After the recovery, the fine material is discharged to the dewatering screen and the coarse material is evenly distributed. Discharge after mixing and dehydration. The discharge port is connected to the belt conveyor to transport the finished material to the designated location.

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Solid-liquid separation: At the same time, the slurry treated by the separator, the content of which does not exceed 5%, is discharged into the sewage tank, and then the tail water is pumped from the sewage tank into the filter tank for the mud-water separation operation. After the filter tank treats about 80% of the tail water into clean water, it directly enters the clean water tank through the overflow.
Sludge dewatering: The concentrated slurry is pumped into the plate and frame filter press through the bottom of the filter tank, and the filter press presses the concentrated slurry into a mud cake to achieve dry pile, landfill or develop other uses. After pressure filtration, the clean water enters the clean water tank to realize the recycling of clean water and zero discharge in the entire process.

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