Luoyang Construction Waste Sand making and Sand washing plant

A few days ago, the Municipal City Administration signed a franchise agreement with Luoyang Huanfeng Resources Co., Ltd. and Luoyang Huanfeng Resources Co., Ltd. to actively promote the in-depth development of our city ’s construction waste utilization.

Construction Waste Sand making plant

Construction Waste Sand making plant

According to the relevant development plan, Huanfeng Company will construct a demonstration project of the comprehensive utilization of construction waste resources in the annual disposal of 4 million tons of construction waste in Xishapo Village, High-tech Zone. , Recycled commercial concrete products, concrete blocks, and other recycled product production lines. This move will effectively improve the construction level of Luoyang as a national construction waste treatment pilot city, build a demonstration base for the utilization of construction waste in the province, and realize resource conservation and recycling.

As authorized by the municipal government, Huanfeng Company has the franchise right to invest, construct, operate, and manage the construction waste utilization projects in Luoyang City. In the next step, Huanfeng Company will undertake tasks related to on-site disposal and resource utilization of construction waste in the city, and try to realize the on-site utilization of construction waste. At the same time, the Municipal City Administration will strengthen the supervision of the comprehensive utilization of construction waste resources in Luoyang City, and will do its utmost to ensure the unified collection and dumping of construction waste to the disposal site of Huanfeng Company. Our city will increase the marketing of construction waste recycling products throughout the city, implement the construction waste utilization, and effectively extend the construction industry chain.

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