The basic process of bauxite beneficiation

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Bauxite beneficiation is the process of using the properties of aluminum itself and using many kinds of beneficiation equipment to separate useful aluminum compounds from the associated gangue and enrich the aluminum concentrate.

Bauxite beneficiation equipment

300 tph bauxite beneficiation and washing production line

1. Preparation work
The main content of the preparatory work is to crush and grind ore blocks of several meters into ore particles of several millimeters. In this process, you need to use many crushing equipment, screening equipment and grinding equipment. If the ore contains soil impurities More, you also need to wash the ore, desliming, use washing equipment, desliming equipment, etc.

2. Select work
The selection process is a process of using the difference in physical and chemical properties between useful ores and associated gangue to separate them. In this process, we usually use sorting equipment, including flotation equipment, gravity separation equipment, Magnetic separation equipment, etc.

san washing waste water thicking tank

3. Product processing operations
The aluminum concentrate selected by the beneficiation operation cannot be directly sold by the concentrator. It is also dehydrated, stored, and then sold to customers in need, so dehydration and drying equipment is required.

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