Bauxite crushing classification machine, process flow

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Bauxite is widely used in the aluminum smelting industry, precision casting, refractory products industry, and cement industry. Bauxite processing equipment, calcining equipment, crusher, pulverizer, classifier.

Bauxite ore

Bauxite properties

Bauxite, also known as bauxite or bauxite, is composed of diaspore, boehmite, and gibbsite. It is an ore with a Mohs hardness between 1 and 3, usually The most commonly used raw ore for smelting aluminum and producing refractory materials. The main component is alumina, which is hydrated alumina containing impurities and is an earthy mineral. Density 3.9 ~ 4g/cm3, opaque, brittle, extremely difficult to melt, insoluble in water, soluble in sulfur.

Bauxite processing technological process

The raw materials are sent to a calciner for high-temperature calcination. The calcined material is crushed by jaw crusher or hammer crusher, and then sent to the pulverizer. After the crushed materials enter the mill production system, the entire milling, classification, and other operational processes are automatically completed in the mill. Qualified bauxite powder is released by the discharge valve to package the finished product.

Bauxite processing equipment

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Calcining equipment: This equipment has advanced calcining mechanism, high quality of finished products, high degree of automation in overall operation, safety and environmental protection.

Bauxite crushing machine
Crushing equipment: jaw crusher or hammer crusher to crush large particles of bauxite.Grinding equipment: Generally, bauxite Raymond milling can be used to meet the needs of bauxite powder particle size, and the powder is evenly produced.


The value of bauxite

(1) Aluminum smelting industry.
(2) Precision casting.
(3) For refractory products.
(4) Aluminum silicate refractory fiber.
(5) The magnesia and bauxite clinker are used as raw materials, and an appropriate binding agent is added, which is used for pouring the overall barrel lining of the steel drum.
(6) Manufacture of various compounds that can make aluminum in alumina cement, abrasive materials, ceramic industry and chemical industry.

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