Solution to the falling off of the sieve plate of the banana sieve

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Due to the operating nature and operating principle of the vibrating screen, due to the inertia during the operation, the sieve plate and the rail seat will undergo mechanical stress for a long time, causing damage to the weak point at the root of the rail seat. Furthermore, the coal flow in the daily operation increases the air throughput, increases the oxygen content, and accelerates the oxidation. At the same time, due to geographical reasons and cleaning requirements, the vibrating screen material (polyurethane) will be seriously affected by moisture in daily life. Accelerated aging of vibrating screen deck material (polyurethane).

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From the above analysis, it can be seen that in view of the short aging period of the vibrating sieve plate, priority should be given to optimizing the overall structure, material and connection method of the sieve plate.


Bolts can be welded to the brackets that fix the bolts of the sieve plate, and the brackets are connected to the rail seat angle steel bolts of the existing screen machine, and the bolts welded on the brackets are used to fix the sieve plate with locknuts. After replacing the sieve plate, the natural frequency of the sieve machine will change slightly; after the replacement, it is necessary to measure the amplitude and vibration angle of the sieve machine. If the measurement results cannot meet the original standard, the screen machine can be adjusted accordingly to meet the requirements. Among them, the 12mm Hadus wear-resistant plate is used for the sieve plate to prolong the service life, and the bolt fastening method can ensure that the stress on the sieve plate will not affect the overall sieve plate and will not cause the sieve plate to fall off.

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