Replacing Polyurethane Screen Operation for Mining Dewatering Screen

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At present, the dewatering screen panel is made of polyurethane. Compared with the steel screen, the polyurethane screen is more wear-resistant. It can reduce the frequency of replacing the screen. But when the polyurethane screen is worn out, how to replace the screen in the dewatering screen , What should be paid attention to during the replacement process? Let’s take a closer look.

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In addition to the requirements for the screen, the dewatering screen also has requirements for the grid. There are generally two types of grids. One is the steel grid. The steel grid is not easy to damage, but it is more complex to replace the screen. The other is a wooden grid, which is more convenient to replace the screen, but it is not as durable as steel.

Polyurethane screen replacement steps

1. After the mesh frame of the dewatering screen is installed, when cutting the screen, an extra 50-70mm should be cut at the outlet of the dewatering screen to avoid the material on the screen plate from leaking at the outlet.

2. When cutting the screen, the width of the screen should be the same as the net frame.

3. When the screen is installed, it must be tightened before installation.

4. If the processing capacity is large, a suitable mesh support net should be appropriately added under the screen to play a supporting role and make the screen stronger.

5. After installation, test the screen, add a little material on the screen surface and start the dewatering screen. If the material is thrown forward evenly and the screening is sufficient, it can be used.

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FAQ of dewatering screen panel

What is the inlet concentration required for the dewatering screen?

Take iron tailings as an example. Generally, the concentration of raw ore slurry is 10%-20%. After being concentrated by a cyclone or thickener, the concentration of the dewatering screen will reach 40%-60%, which can quickly form the material on the screen The filter layer has better dry drainage effect.

What are the advantages of the sieve plate of LZZG dewatering screen?

Polyurethane sieve plate is used; the sieve plate is lined with high-strength steel plate, which has the advantages of high wear resistance; the area of a single sieve plate is small and the replacement cost is low.

Is the sieve plate of the dewatering screen easy to block?

The screen holes are inverted triangle design, which can reduce clogging; the screen plate for dry tailings discharge is dehydrated by the filter layer, which does not affect the dehydration effect.

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