Mixing iron tailing sand and machine-made sand to prepare concrete

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In this article, iron tailings sand and machine-made sand are mixed to prepare concrete and non-burning bricks. The properties of concrete and non-fired bricks prepared with the mixed sand of iron tailing sand and machine-made sand can meet engineering requirements and have good application effects.

Iron tailings have all been comprehensively utilized in developed countries. Although developing countries have achieved some results in the development and utilization of iron tailings, the utilization rate is low. In order to reduce the damage of iron tailings to the environment, save resources, and reduce pollution, this paper has carried out research on the application of iron tailings in concrete and the feasibility study of iron tailings for building bricks, so as to promote the comprehensive utilization of iron tailings.

Physical and chemical properties of iron tailings sand
The iron ore is crushed and becomes lumps of a certain size. It enters the ball mill and wet milling with water. After reaching a certain fineness according to the nature of the ore, it is subjected to magnetic separation to separate the iron-containing particles, and the remaining part is discharged with a water stream. The main part is tailings debris, which generally accounts for 60% to 80% of the total ore. After the tailings debris is screened and processed, it becomes iron tailings sand.

Due to the difference of ore, the composition of iron tailing sand is also different. The physical properties of iron tailing sand used in this article are tested: fineness modulus 1.48, bulk density 1520m2/kg, apparent density 2740m2/kg, MB value 0.75 , The stability is qualified.

Raw materials

1 Cement P·O42.5 Ordinary Portland Cement
2 Aggregate (1) The fine aggregate is a mixed sand made of machine made sand and iron tailing sand, among which machine-made sand is made locally in Jinan, with a fineness modulus of 3.1-3.3, a stone powder content of less than 10.0%, and a methylene blue test qualified ; The iron tailing sand is produced in Changqing area, Jinan, with a fineness modulus of 1.5 to 2.0, and the methylene blue test is qualified. (2) The coarse aggregate is 5-25mm crushed stone produced locally in Jinan.
3 Admixtures (1) Fly ash adopts Grade II fly ash produced by Liaocheng Chiping Power Plant, with a fineness of 18.5%, a water demand ratio of 102%, a loss on ignition of 5.2%, and a moisture content of 0.5%. (2) Slag powder.
4 Additives.
5 water

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