Machine to Desilting municipal drains and canals

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Working principle The river channel sludge filter press is a special equipment, which is used to deal with river channel dredging sludge, lake sludge and sludge brought ashore by cutter suction boats. The equipment adopts the principle of automatic water removal and extrusion dehydration. First, the sludge is introduced into the equipment through a slurry pump, and after pressing and squeezing, the output is clear water and mud cake. This treatment method does not require manual unloading, and the moisture in the mud cake is effectively removed, which can be directly packaged and transported, and the clean water produced can be directly discharged.

Filter Press for Slurry Dewatering

The river sludge filter press has the following advantages and effects:

Automatic processing: The equipment adopts an automatic control system to realize automatic water removal and extrusion dehydration without manual operation, which greatly saves labor costs and time.

Efficient treatment: The water in the sludge is fully removed through pressing and squeezing, and the water content of the treated mud cake is low, which is convenient for transportation and subsequent treatment.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: the clear water produced during the treatment process can be discharged directly, which meets the requirements of environmental protection; at the same time, the moisture content of the mud cake is low, which reduces the pollution to the environment.

Continuous operation: The river sludge filter press can realize 24-hour continuous automatic operation, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and working effect.

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