How to solve the noise of the square rocking screen?

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The square rocking screen is a multi-purpose fine vibrating screen. It is a high-performance vibrating screen specially designed to meet the needs of large output and high-precision screening. In the process of using the square swing screen, sometimes there will be unpleasant human noise.

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Measure To Reduce Noise

1. The inspection work before the operation of the square rocking screen is very important. The manufacturers of the rocking screen usually give an introduction. The noise may be caused by the loose screws inside. Therefore, you can check the connection before operation to see if the connection is stable and the screws Whether the fixing is firm, so that there will be no looseness and noise caused by running vibration

2. If the screen machine uses a punched steel screen, the swinging screen manufacturer said that the punched steel screen can be replaced with a polyurethane screen or a rubber screen with a small elastic modulus and low impact noise, which can reduce the noise. Several times lower, the noise caused to the vibrating screen is much smaller.

3. If you want to reduce the noise of the operation of the square swinging screen, you can also attach rubber sheets to many areas such as the feeding port or the receiving chassis, so as to prevent the noise caused by the high-frequency vibration of the vibrating screen. Or using flexible spoke gears to replace the original steel gears can also reduce the noise during operation.

4. The square rocking screen is a product that relies on operating vibration to exert its performance. It is inevitable that there will be noise. However, if the noise is caused by the equipment itself, the noise problem can be solved by installing a sound insulation cover, which can achieve Vibration isolation greatly reduces noise.

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