Domestic waste sorting trommel screen with replaceable sieve

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The shaftless trommel screen is suitable for sieving stone, sand, the garbage of various properties, and damp and easily clogged materials. The product under the sieve is 200mm, the middle is 20-40mm, and the thickness can be less than 5mm, with a self-cleaning device.

The transmission mode is divided into three types: large and small gear transmission, sprocket chain transmission, and roller friction transmission. There are various screens such as manganese wire braided mesh, steel plate punching mesh, steel bar welding mesh, stainless steel mesh, etc. for customers to choose. Special circumstances can be specially formulated. The shaftless trommel screening machine is important screening equipment in the garbage disposal line.

Design of the trommel screen The garbage drum screen is a sorting device that is widely used in the pre-sorting and composting of municipal solid waste. The screen drum of the traditional drum screen is supported by 4 rollers. During operation, the two active rollers on one side of the cylinder are driven by a motor, a reducer, etc., and the friction of the active roller drives the cylinder to rotate, while the other side The two roller wheels are used for action. The inclination angle of the drum screen will affect the residence time of garbage materials in the screen cylinder. The angle of the inclination of the screen cylinder is in the range of 2º~5º. The material to be screened enters the cylinder from one end of the cylinder (feeding hopper). Due to the rotation of the cylinder, the material slides along the inner wall of the cylinder. Fine materials smaller than the mesh opening of the cylinder fall into the receiving tank and coarse materials larger than the mesh opening It is discharged from the other end of the cylinder.

Drum screen parameters

Model Sceen size (m) Angle (°) Rotational speed (r/min) Mesh size (mm) Max feeding size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
GT1030 φ1.0*3.0 6 22 5-15 ≤40 30-100 4 1300 4500*1358*2336
GT1040 φ1.0*4.0 6 22 5-15 ≤40 30-100 4 1500 5500*1458*2336
GT1230 φ1.2*3.0 6 22 5-15 ≤40 30-150 5.5 1500 4500*1585*2478
GT1240 φ1.2*4.0 6 22 5-15 ≤40 30-150 5.5 1700 5500*1685*2478
GT1540 φ1.5*4.0 6 17 5-15 ≤40 30-200 7.5 2500 5800*2100*4400
GT1560 φ1.5*6.0 6 17 5-15 ≤40 30-200 11 2700 6800*2200*4400
GT1860 φ1.8*6.0 6 11 5-15 ≤40 30-250 18.5 5010 8486*2100*4673
GT2160 φ2.1*6.0 6 10 5-15 ≤40 30-250 22 6360 8486*2500*5000
GT2460 φ2.4*6.0 6 9 5-15 ≤40 30-300 22 7000 8486*2860*5200
GT2480 φ2.4*8.0 6 8 5-15 ≤40 30-300 22 7500 8700*2860*5700


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