Cyclone powder separator models for mining plant

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cyclone powder separator

Use of grading cyclone
The FX type classification (sorting) thickening cyclone is mainly used for the classification, concentration and classification of ore slurry and solid mineral water suspension liquid less than 6 mm.

working principle
Under a certain pressure (0.1-0.18Mpa), the slurry enters the cyclone along the involute direction. Under the action of centrifugal force, the large particles are thrown to the wall of the vessel and move downwards with the external swirling flow, and are discharged from the lower sedimentation port. It is brought to the center and moves upward with the internal swirling flow, and is discharged from the upper overflow port.

Structural features
The FX series concentrated grading cyclone adopts an involute feeding method, a cone multi-section structure, a compact overall structure, a small area, and easy installation and maintenance.

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