Bauxite Beneficiation Vibrating Screen For Sale

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Bauxite is the best raw material for the production of metal aluminum, and it is also the most important application field, and its consumption accounts for more than 90% of the total output of bauxite in the world.

After the bauxite is mined, it needs to be pulverized to facilitate the subsequent beneficiation work. When the dry beneficiation and screening device for bauxite is in use, there will be finely divided bauxite powder stuck to the edge of the screening device. , In order to avoid the bauxite powder affecting the screening effect, it is necessary to stop work regularly for cleaning, which is not convenient for the efficient use of the screening device.

Bauxite vibrating screen exciter Mine vibrating screen with an output of 200 tons per hour

Four-layer mining vibrating screen has a double-bearing screen box with two flange-mounted bearings on the shaft. It is applied in the screening of quarry ore, product grading in building materials industry. The outer end of the screen box shaft is equipped with a flywheel and a counterweight and a pulley. The screen box shaft is driven by three V-belts mounted by the motor mounted on the sub-frame. The sub-frame is rigidly connected to the machine chassis, and the screen box spring is used to support the screen box.

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