What is the difference between a belt loader and a belt conveyor?

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The full name of the belt loader is the belt loader for coal mines, commonly known as the second transport belt conveyor. Because the belt is used as the conveying carrier, it is also classified as a kind of belt conveyor, referred to as DZQ, so we also call it DZQ belt reloading machine, D stands for: belt conveyor, Z stands for: reloading machine, Q stands for: bridge type. Representative models produced by Songyang Coal Mining Machinery include DZQ100/80/45 belt loaders for coal mines.

The belt loader and the belt conveyor are mainly used for the mechanized operation of coal mine or ground coal excavation. The difference is that the division of labor is different. The front of the belt loader is mainly equipped with a roadheader, and the rear is mainly equipped with a belt conveyor. It plays the role of intermediate reloading; while the belt conveyor is one end lapping the belt reloading machine and the other end is responsible for unloading. The belt conveyor can not only be used as a part of the fully mechanized mining system, but also can be used to transport coal and other materials independently. There are more than belt reprinters. However, the belt loader is also indispensable as a part of the fully mechanized mining tunneling system.

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