Wear-resistant fine sand recovery cyclone Polyurethane lining

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hydrocyclone desander

The use of hydrocyclones in mineral processing.

1. Dense medium cyclone is a common dense medium separation equipment.

2. As a classification device in the grinding circuit, especially as a classification device for fine grinding.

3. Desliming and concentrating the pulp.

Parts of the cyclone that are prone to wear

The fractional separation accuracy of the cyclone can be controlled, and the particle fineness of the overflow material is affected by the minimum diameter of the sedimentation port. The smaller the sand outlet of the cyclone, the greater the rotational angular velocity of the slurry in the cyclone, the smaller the fineness of the overflow particles obtained after the cyclone treatment, and the better the effect of classification and separation Good. If the inner wall of the cyclone is worn out, the classification of the slurry in the cyclone will be unclear, and serious pulp run-off will occur, which will increase the production cost several times.

LZZG designed the manufacturing process according to the wear and tear of the field cyclone, which efficiently and accurately solved the problem of the cyclone not being durable.

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