How to judge whether the cyclone is in good working condition

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The concentration of the overflow meets the process conditions of the next step. Here is a brief description of how to adjust the overflow concentration:

1 The overflow concentration is small and the fineness is fine. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the pressure or adjust the ore concentration, or replace the small grit nozzle to meet the requirements.

2 The overflow concentration is large and the fineness is coarse. At this time, the requirements can be met by increasing the pressure and adjusting the ore concentration, or by replacing the large sand sinking spout. However, the above adjustments cannot be adjusted by just one method, because this may cause the cyclone to not work properly and stably.

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The sand is discharged in an umbrella shape. The judgment is based on the fact that the angle between the sand is between 10° and 20°, and the concentration reaches about 75%, which is the best working condition. If the angle of sand dispersion is too large, there are three reasons:

1 The grit nozzle is too large and the grit concentration is too low. At this time, it can be adjusted by replacing the small sand sinking spout.

2. The feeding pressure is too small. The feeding pressure of the pump should be adjusted to meet the process conditions.

3 The ore feeding amount is too small and the ore feeding concentration is too low. At this time, the ore feeding volume and the number of cyclones can be adjusted. In short, the size of the sand concentration directly affects the efficiency of the mill, affects the discharge particle size of the mill, and has an impact on the entire process.

hydrocyclone desander

Judgment of ore feeding pressure:

⑴ The theoretical pressure adjustment range of a cyclone group is 0.06-0.10Mpa. If the pressure is too high, it will cause greater wear and tear on the cyclone.

⑵ The theoretical pressure adjustment range of the second-stage cyclone group is 0.08-0.16Mpa. If the pressure is too low, the concentration of sand settling will decrease and the overflow concentration will become coarser, which will affect the process.

In short, during pressure adjustment, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure of the first-stage cyclone group cannot be high and the pressure of the second-stage cyclone group cannot be low.

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