The advantages of using broken pebbles for concrete

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Concrete is the most widely used building material in modern civil engineering, and gravel is an important part of concrete.
With the increasing demand for building stones, the uneven distribution of rock and pebbles resources has led to a shortage of gravel and pebbles in some areas. The application of broken pebbles in concrete can achieve good results and economic benefits.
After a large number of tests, it is proved that the processed and broken pebbles have the dual advantages of pebbles and artificial crushed stones, which not only improves the physical indicators of cement concrete, improves the characteristics of pumped cement concrete that is easy to shrink and cracks, and improves the resistance Crack performance.

Through comparative experiments and engineering applications on the physical and mechanical properties of the concrete configured with broken pebbles, it is found that the use of broken pebbles is not only a rational use of precious resources.

Mechanical sand making has the following advantages
Dredge the waste in the channel, and the broken pebbles are green building materials.
Reduce the cost of concrete.
The shrinkage resistance and crack resistance are significantly improved, which in turn improves the impermeability and durability of concrete.

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