The effect of adding slag fine powder to concrete

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The slag micropowder has a suitable specific surface area is the premise that the specific surface area of the micropowder directly affects its activity. The same type of slag is ground into micropowder with different specific areas, and its activity index is different. The national standard stipulates that the specific surface area of slag micropowder is ≥350m2/ kg is the most basic requirement.

Slag micropowder replaces the amount of cement in concrete and cement products for various purposes in equal amounts, which can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of concrete and cement products. As a new type of admixture for high-performance concrete, slag micropowder has the advantages of improving various properties of concrete, specifically as follows:


1. It can greatly improve the strength of cement concrete, and can prepare ultra-high-strength cement concrete;

2. It can effectively inhibit the alkali aggregate reaction of cement concrete, significantly improve the alkali aggregate reaction performance of cement concrete, and improve the durability of cement concrete;

3. It can effectively improve the anti-seawater erosion performance of cement concrete, especially suitable for anti-seawater engineering;

4. It can significantly reduce the bleeding of cement concrete and improve the workability of concrete;

5. It can significantly improve the compactness of cement concrete and improve the impermeability of cement concrete;

6. It can significantly reduce the heat of hydration of cement concrete, and is suitable for configuring large-volume concrete;

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