The difference between a spiral classifier and a spiral chute

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Spiral concentrators and spiral chutes are mostly used to process minerals such as cassiterite, scheelite, chromite, chrysene, chromite, and monazite, and can also be used to recover heavy minerals in flotation tailings. It is generally used as roughing equipment, and most of the tailings can be discarded to obtain rough concentrate.

The advantages of spiral concentrator and spiral chute are
①Simple structure, no moving parts, the equipment is easy to manufacture and maintenance is simple;
② large production capacity per unit area, small footprint;
③The material is obviously divided, and the selection index is high;
④It has strong adaptability. When the ore feeding amount, ore feeding concentration, feeding ore particle size, and raw ore grade change, it has little influence on the separation index.

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The disadvantage is that the enrichment ratio of flake ore is not as high as that of the shaking table and the chute, and the parameters of the wood body are not easy to adjust to adapt to the change in the ore feeding properties.

The spiral concentrator is suitable for processing alluvial sand ore, especially for those with high dissociation degrees and flat shapes of useful mineral monomers. For residual and slope sand deposits with many conjoined bodies, the recovery rate is lower. In addition, for the ore with high mud content, the quality of the concentrate will be reduced, so it is required to enter the spiral concentrator and spiral chute after desliming and classification.

The particle size range processed by the spiral concentrator is generally 2-0.05 mm, up to 6 mm, and the effective sorting particle size is 1~0.1 mm.

Spiral chutes are suitable for handling fine materials and have been successfully used for the treatment of hematite iron ore. Tests show that the lower limit of the effective recovery particle size of the spiral chute is 20 microns.

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The Difference

  1. The section line of the bottom of the spiral concentrator is a part of a parabola or an ellipse, while the section line of the bottom of the spiral chute is a cubic parabola. Therefore, the bottom of the spiral chute is wide and flat, which is more suitable for handling fine-grained materials.
  2. The spiral chute is to pick up the concentrate, medium, and tailings at the end of the tank, while the spiral concentrator intercepts the concentrate at the upper part and picks up the tailings at the end of the tank.
  3. There is no washing water in the spiral chute, while the spiral concentrator has washing water.
  4. The selected particle size of the spiral chute is smaller than that of the spiral concentrator. The appropriate selected particle size of the spiral concentrator is 2-0.074mm, while the suitable processing particle size of the spiral chute is 0.3-0.04mm.
  5. In terms of the quality fraction of ore feeding, the spiral chute requires a high-quality fraction, generally not less than 30%, while the quality fraction of the spiral concentrator is not strict, and the lower limit can reach 10%.

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