Simple schematic diagram for washing sand and gravel

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sand washing plant layout

Layout of Sand Washing Production Line

River sand or machine-made sand enters the hopper and is transported by a belt conveyor to the drum screen to remove larger stones, sawdust, etc. Then enter the wheel sand washing machine to wash the clay on the surface of the sand. The washed sand enters the dewatering screen to remove the large Part of the water, the sand washing tail water passes through the cyclone to separate the fine sand, the rest of the sewage enters the deep cone purification body for flocculation, the overflowing water can be re-washed, and the wake enters the filter press to make mud cakes for transportation or stacking.

Sand and gravel washing equipment

sand washing equipment - lzzg

Bucket washer

PU screen sand washing machine

The bucket sand washing machine is driven by a motor and a reducer, which drives the impeller in the water tank to continuously rotate in a circular motion in the water tank, thereby agitating, rotating, and washing the sand or slag particles in the water tank. After dehydration, the washed stone is discharged from the impeller.


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