Screw conveyor protected by wear-resistant coating

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ULC wear-resistant screw conveyor’s advanced polymer resin synthesis technology, elastomer coatings with high tensile strength and high elongation, and a good combination of high tensile strength and high elongation, make the system have excellent wear resistance And excellent hydrolytic stability. A polymer reacted by isocyanates and amines, and its high degree of cross-linking makes it show fast curing characteristics. Allow it to have a wide range of anti-wear, anti-cavitation and anti-corrosion applications.

Ulc products can effectively protect steel, concrete and polyester surfaces that are subjected to severe wear and high impact conditions. It is especially suitable for corrosive and severely worn environments. It has much higher wear resistance than steel. At the same time, because of its non-adhesion and low friction coefficient, it can greatly accelerate the movement of objects such as sand and ore slurry on its surface. Increase productivity.

wear-resistant screw classifier

Application occasion

It is widely used for wear protection in the field of mineral processing and mining, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic spiral chute, magnetic separator, high frequency vibration equipment, dump truck, conveyor belt, filter equipment and fly ash mud tank. In hydro-power industry, such as dam gates, garbage baffles, water tanks, pumps, impellers and covers. It is also widely used in pulp and paper industries that require the reduction of mechanical equipment noise, such as instrument panels and conveying pipes. It is also widely used in agriculture, such as screw jacks, screws that need to reduce noise and reduce wear, chassis and collection boxes for grape juice extraction, and so on.

Advantages of ULC screw conveyor

Compared with conventional polyurea products, ulc products do not require expensive two-component heating construction equipment, and can be applied only with ordinary watering cans, and can easily achieve high film thickness after multiple spraying. For example, large-area construction can be constructed with single-component high-pressure airless spraying equipment. According to different application fields, products with different strengths are available to meet different special application requirements.

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