What kind of sand sifting machine should be used to sift wet sand?

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The trommel screen is a special type of screening equipment. It has powerful functions and can be used for multiple purposes: it can remove impurities from a single layer of powder, can also be used for multi-layer particle size classification, and can also be used for solid-liquid separation. Users can specify the number of layers according to their actual needs (can be freely assembled and disassembled). From the appearance of the trommel screen, it looks like a cylinder placed on the ground. During operation, the motor drives the cylinder drum to rotate, so it is called a trommel screen.

The trommel screen also has a wide range of adaptability and is widely used in screening all kinds of materials, whether it is inferior coal, stone, sand, as well as various types of garbage, dry, wet, fine, rough, heavy, light Materials that are wet and easy to clog can be screened smoothly. The largest product under the screen is 200mm, the middle is 20-40mm, and the finer can be less than 5mm. It also has a self-cleaning device. It has the characteristics of high screening efficiency, high power, low energy consumption, good sealing, no dust flying, no leakage of liquid and no easy clogging of the screen holes, etc., and the overall cost-effectiveness is high.

Is there any other way to sift wet sand?

It is indeed a difficult problem for the sand screening machine to screen wet materials, but the drum screen is not the only option. If you want to use other screens, you can also use it, but you need to add a dewatering screen or dryer before the screen to dehydrate the material first. Perform screening. However, under normal circumstances, many sand plants will use dewatering screens. Because dryers are too expensive and the quality of materials is not particularly good, dryers are not usually used.

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