Comparison of roller crusher and grading crusher in coal crushing process

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In the toothed roller crusher, two motors drive the pulleys on both sides of the crusher to rotate the upper and lower toothed rollers and the opposite toothed rollers. The roller is subjected to combined crushing to meet the required particle size requirements;

The difference between several coal crushers

The double-tooth roller crusher, also known as the double-roller crusher, is the key equipment of the crushing station. The machine and silo, feeder, unloading platform, discharging machine and frame form a crushing station system. The double-tooth roller crusher can be used to crush rock, coal, limestone, metal ore, coke, and gypsum.

Double roller crusher for coal processing

Double roller crusher

Such materials are widely used for coarse crushing and medium crushing of materials in industries such as coal mines, metal mines, non-metal mines and cement construction. The advantages of the roller type coal crusher, small crushing ratio, full speed, is the first choice for coal washing plants and coal mines for coarse crushing;

The four-roller coal crusher is based on a large number of market research work on the hammer crusher. It is aimed at the sticking, blockage, unpredictable particle size, large vibration, large noise, The main problems such as large dust and low efficiency have been technologically innovative
New type of crusher. It completely solves the common problems of hammer crusher such as stickiness, serious blockage, unpredictable particle size, and serious over-crushing volume, and completely improves the harsh working environment with high noise and dust. The toothed roller crusher is a crusher specially designed for CFB power plants. It is especially suitable for crushing coal gangue, lignite, bituminous coal and peat.

grading crusher

grading crusher

The hierarchical toothed roller crusher is mainly used in underground mines and requires underground riot proof. The roller classification crusher is mainly suitable for coarse and intermediate crushing of brittle lump materials in coal mine, electric power, mining, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. Only part of the tooth sleeve type tooth roller grading crusher feed particle size ≤ 600mm, a small amount is allowed to 800~1000mm, and the discharging granularity can be 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, etc.;

The feeding granularity of the toothed plate gear roller classification crusher is ≤300mm, and a small amount is allowed to 500mm, and the discharging granularity is 30mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm It can crush coal and medium-strength rocks. If the system adopts effective measures for iron removal and wood removal, the raw coal can be directly crushed without pre-screening and manual selection. This can simplify the coal crushing process, reduce the height of the plant, and reduce the construction investment and production of coal preparation plants and power plants. cost.

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