How about the efficiency of roller crushing machine sand

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For the natural texture and hardness of some stones, the effect of roller crushing machine-made sand alone is not ideal. However, some stones with low hardness and good texture can also be used with roller crushers to make sand. At least they can meet the needs of general construction projects. of. In addition, the double-roll crusher usually has a small single-machine output. Therefore, the sand and gravel plant is not used much, and it is mainly used by individuals and some building materials companies. Of course, there are also some large-scale building materials factories that have used multiple roller crushers to make sand, forming a sand making production line. This is mainly based on the actual situation of the customer to determine the final plan.

The roller crusher is also often called guar stone sand making machine, mung bean sand making.

The double-roll crusher is abbreviated as the double-roll crusher or the double-roll crusher. It is a relatively old-fashioned crushing equipment. After a certain upgrade and transformation, the manufacturing process is more mature. The device has a simple structure and less over-crushing. The tooth profile, size and arrangement on the roller surface can be changed with the nature of the material.

Medium-hard and soft ores can be crushed to medium and fine. For example, in a sulfuric acid plant, a roller crusher is usually used to crush pyrite ore to a diameter of 20~30mm, and then enter the double-roll crusher for a second time. Crushing makes the diameter of the ore less than 5mm, which meets the requirements of the boiling furnace.

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