The advantages of rod mill to make quartz sand

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Rod mill grinding quartz sand has the characteristics of uniform strength, high efficiency and high sand purity. The use of crusher and rod mill together can efficiently produce quartz sand and machine-made sand.

1. The discharge particle size is controllable

One of the reasons for choosing a rod mill instead of a ball mill for grinding quartz sand is the particle size of the finished product. For quartz sand grinding, the output particle size is usually between 40 meshes and 120 meshes, so it can be said that the particle size is not very fine. Therefore, we have to choose a rod mill, because the rod mill for grinding quartz sand is in surface contact with the material.

2. Grinding also has a scrubbing function

In the purification process of quartz sand, a very important step is scrubbing, to wash off the impurities on the surface of quartz sand, and then select and purify. The use of a rod mill grinding quartz sand to process quartz sand can also play a role in scrubbing to a certain extent, helping to remove some impurities, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

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3. Grinding particle size is more uniform

The rod mill for grinding quartz sand is manufactured by advanced technology, adding controllable discharge technology, and with appropriate grinding body steel rods, the particle size of the discharged material can be more uniform.

4. The grinding effect is better

The steel rods of the rod mill grinding quartz sand have a screening effect on the quartz sand during the movement process, so that the large particles can be lifted to the top position of each layer, and concentrated to the place with strong crushing ability for crushing. Therefore, the rod mill has high efficiency and low power consumption for silica sand crushing.

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