Installation operation and maintenance of spiral classifier

Guidance on installation, operation and maintenance of spiral classifier


The spiral classifier machine can be installed after inspection without damage or loose screws. The classifier should be firmly installed on the basis of the poured concrete. The basic design should have a good supporting effect and minimize the shear force on the screws.


The machine can only be operated after the structure and working principle of the spiral classifier are clear. After the spiral body rotates, it can start to feed ore slurry, gradually feeding the amount of ore. When the spiral body is in working state, if it encounters special faults such as jamming or overload), it must be stopped immediately, immediately lift the spiral body out of the slurry surface, never allow the spiral body to be pressed in the slurry, and quickly open the mine valve to avoid siltation. When starting again, the spiral body must be lowered to a certain position in order to rotate the spiral body. If the machine needs to be stopped during use, the feed should be stopped first, and the operation can only be stopped after the material stage is graded and there is no material in it.


All lubrication points are lubricated with sodium-based grease or calcium-based grease. Each shift should check whether the lubricating oil inside the reducer is on the marking line of the oil needle, and change the oil every 6 months. Always check the lower support or intermediate frame bearings, bearings, sealing rings for wear and damage to the bearings for timely replacement. Bearing lubrication must be filled with high pressure oil into the bearing with a manual dry oil pump every 4 hours to maintain the sealing performance of the bearing.

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