How many mesh screens should be used for screening medium sand

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polyurethane screen

The mesh size of the screen is the number of screen holes per square inch.

Sand screening with a 30-mesh sieve can filter out coarse sand, grass, soil and other unnecessary impurities with a particle diameter of more than 0.5mm, and obtain the required medium sand with a particle diameter of less than 0.5mm.

The general fine sand screen is about 40 mesh to 80 mesh, but you need to see the mesh number of the sand and the mesh number of the sieve.

The dehydration effect of the dewatering screen is better for sand, especially for the sand and gravel quarry that requires high water content in the sieve. Generally, after using the sand washing machine, the sand contains more water, and the dehydration screen is used for high-quality dehydration.

dewatering screen

Some customers will ask, what is the particle size of the stone screened by the dewatering screen? Generally, the size of the stones screened by the dehydration screen is relatively small, and the size of the screen and the size of the mesh can be customized for customers. Now, polyurethane screens are generally used for screening fine sand, and the screen size can be 1 -200 mesh specifications.

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